In August we were accepted into the Metaverse Creator Programme, run by Colorintech and supported by Meta

Created to ensure the Metaverse space is being built by diverse founders, we were one of four creators to be accepted onto the cohort and received support in the form of training and a £15,000 grant to help execute our plans.

Getting the opportunity to be part of this program was perfectly timed to support the development of our new metaverse multi-user environment. Through collaborative working with clients and the spike in media interest in the metaverse, we decided to develop our own multi-user environment to help the issues businesses faced throughout the pandemic with them meeting, collaborating and trading virtually. Importantly, it has also been developed in response to the climate crisis where businesses are rethinking international travel for someone to attend a meeting, speaking event or conference. 

Developed & designed to provide a smarter, more sustainable way to communicate & collaborate, our new multi-user environment has been created as a strong alternative for operating virtually. We can offer accessible virtual environments where businesses can meet customers, interact, showcase products, host events and present, all within a secure online platform and without the need for additional hardware. This is a true turnkey platform suitable for anyone to use – reflecting our ethos of making immersive tech accessible for all.

At the end of the cohort, we enjoyed the opportunity to visit the impressive new Meta offices in London’s King Cross and demonstrate our environment to a new audience. Take a look at how it went here

Cohort Connections

We were proud to be part of the cohort, especially getting to meet these three inspiring creators.

Delz Erinle 👾 founder of Play Astra – A network of virtual cities in the Metaverse where you can play NFT games and buy digital fashion you can wear in real life. Astra will be introducing a new VR concept allowing users to shop from a selection of sustainable brands with Avatars, and have these clothes delivered right to your door.

Imwen Eke is creating a VR storytelling experience called Heroes, Villains and History – A multiplayer immersive mixed reality experience in 3 acts, played live in AR/VR. Audiences deconstruct history and hack identities through co-created situations, simulations and puzzles to discover the line between truth and lies and create their own hero or villain. 

Dami Hastrup founder of MOONHUB – MOONHUB is the virtual reality interactive training platform that is bringing higher ROI and more engaging training experiences to companies everywhere. Its patented spot-and-jot scoring system allows for easy, uniform and seamless data capture which is displayed on a sleek and futuristic dashboard for users and L&D professionals alike to be empowered to make well-informed decisions.

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