We are incredibly grateful to be involved in the #5G initiatives with WM5G and 5PRING.

WM5G and 5PRING have been established to support organisations accelerate their business by harnessing the power of 5G. Earlier this year, WM5G launched 5PRING & the UK’s first 5G innovation centres, with facilities located in Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton. These will provide private and public sector organisations with the opportunity to experience 5G first-hand & enable the development of innovative new applications and services.

We are fortunate to have taken part in the recent events accelerator at the University of Wolverhampton Science Park trialling their 5G testbed and were blown away by the capabilities it gave us across our VR, AR & tablet devices. 

Ultimately, 5G will be 100 times faster than 4G and has the ability to connect a much larger number of devices together. Together with 5G’s promise of ultra-low latency and fast data speeds, this is a significant step for creative companies like us – bringing new opportunities to optimise creative processes

We’re super excited to be involved with this amazing accelerator and are enjoying the results so far. Next up is the #5G Bootcamp for the Creative Sector on 9th & 10th March. This is ideal for new businesses as well as established SMEs looking to understand the transformational benefits of 5G. 

Don’t miss out on this value-packed 5G event & the opportunity to learn all you need to know about 5G in the creative sector including:-

See the latest in immersive tech
How can your business benefit?
How 5G can solve business challenges
Create a use case – step by step, facilitated help
See live 5G demos at our testbed
Use cases, discussions, insight & more

Click the link to learn more and register: https://fal.cn/3mFv7