On Tuesday 25th August, Taran3D & The Sikh Museum Initiative in partnership as the Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum are teaming up with The University of Leicester to host a special online webinar.

This event will showcase the creation of a new 3D model that we have expertly created of a rare Sikh manuscript that is held at the Special Collections in The David Wilson Library, University of Leicester. 

The manuscript contains writings from the Sikh Scriptures and was presented to the University by Harry Hardy Peach in the 1920s after originally being found on the battlefield of Ferozeshah during the First Anglo Sikh War of 1845-1846.

We helped bring the manuscript back to life through our intricate 3D technology, allowing us to show the external binding in stunning detail. We hope that this will form the basis for making the entire contents of this important manuscript digitally revitalised for future audiences.

If you’d like to attend this FREE event you can sign up HERE . You will receive a link to the attend 24 hours before the event.

3D Digital Sikh Manuscript brought to life by Taran3D