In 2021, we were excited to work with the Birmingham2022 Commonwealth Games to bring Perry the mascot to life!

As a leading 3D and XR studio, we were tasked with bringing Perry, the game’s mascot, to life through animation and immersive technology. The aim of this project was to create a lifelike animated version of the already brilliantly created Perry. Ensuring he could be viewed online and through a specially created Instagram filter.

Perry was inspired by the design of Emma Lou, the imaginative 10-year-old that won the national design competition to find the Birmingham2022 mascot. Building on the brilliant work achieved to create the Perry we see and love today, we collaborated with the games team to bring him to life.  

Objectives & Approach

Working with Birmingham2022, one of the key objectives was to gain maximum global engagement by making an accessible immersive version of Perry. We undertook this project during the lockdown, so it was imperative to create a digital Perry that could ‘travel’ globally, and effortlessly generate community engagement without having to put people on the ground to facilitate it.

We achieved this through the creation of a standalone Instagram filter to allow people to easily engage with AR Perry through the app. The IG filter is developed to actively encourage users to interact with AR Perry & build awareness of the now renowned #PoseWithPerry selfie. 

Together with Birmingham2022, we needed to address the demographics that don’t use social media. So, in addition to the app, we also created WebAR and WebGl versions that allowed people to access Perry from any web browser. This all ran alongside the online 3D interactive version which allowed users to play and rotate Perry as well as learn more about his striking features. This approach helped remove the barriers of accessibility for non-social media users, allowing anyone to Pose With Perry!

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This ties in perfectly with Taran3D’s commitment to making immersive tech accessible for all. Ensuring we approach all projects to help bridge the digital divide where possible.

With our own Brummie born & bred creative powerhouse Taran Singh at the helm, we have loved collaborating on this project, and are blown away by the amazing results we’ve helped to achieve. 

Perry is one of the most successful projects we’ve worked on, with his Instagram filter and the #PoseWithPerry hashtag achieving millions of shares & likes. We hope you love him as much as we do!

See Perry in our portfolio section.