VR Birmingham

In 2020 we were approached by STEAMhouse, Birmingham’s centre for innovation and creation to collaborate on VR Birmingham.

As part of DigiCities with BBC Academy, VR Birmingham was created to provide valuable insight into how you can explore using immersive technology within your individual projects. Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or have years of experience in AR/VR, VR Birmingham if for everyone.

The VR Birmingham series of events offers the perfect opportunity to share and learn about the creative opportunities that AR/VR technologies can present to you as an individual or business.

In November 2020, Taran appeared as a guest speaker at the VR Birmingham – Discovering New Experiences event, discussing his experience of researching and developing immersive media applications with 3D and game technologies for a range of industries as well as demonstrating the importance of the VR user experience through one of our own case studies.

Impressed with this knowledge and approach, STEAMhouse asked Taran to host the remainder of the series which included events covering a wide range of topics such as World Building in VR, Storytelling in Virtual Reality, Discovering New Experiences and VR for Film & TV.

VR Birmingham also gave attendees direct access to an abundance of expert guest speakers, allowing Taran to share the screen with amazing personalities including Keiken Collective, Jamie Bakewell of Bigtooth Studios, Andy Leeke, Senior Creative at Metro Boulot Dodo, artist Anna Nierobisz.

VR Birmingham Attendee Feedback

“I really enjoyed Taran’s and Ania’s presentation yesterday evening. I’m a member of STEAMhouse and really looking forward to following your practice! always leaves these VR talks very excited!! as an artist. I’ve had ideas but always felt the technology was out of reach!”
“I really appreciated the breadth of questions you asked at the end. I was concerned as someone who is quite new to VR that everything would go over my head, but the questions at the end really helped to fill in any gaps I had and asked things I wanted to know, yet didn’t realise I did :)”