Fuelling Creative Vision Internationally

We were approached by Canadian creative agency Skyrocket to support them with the rebrand project of their client, independent fuel company Paz Fuels.

As part of the rebrand we collaborated with Skyrocket to provide 3D interactive support and translate the new brand across Paz Fuels extensive fleet of vehicles.

Working alongside Skyrocket, we forged strong relationships with the entire project team including the vehicle manufacturers and wrap company to ensure we delivered precise, accurate representations of the proposed rebrand across the whole fleet.

Our interactive visualizer worked seamlessly across screen and VR, allowing the user to view the rebranded range of vehicles from any angle, swapping out design and colour configurations at the touch of a button in real time.

Our interactive visualisation tool played a vital part in the smooth running of this project, enabling stakeholders from the UK, Canada and America to consult in real time and reach a consensus in record time.

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