Light app is an Ipad application that is a fun and stimulating tool for lighting buildings by experimenting with combinations of lights to create different effects. It has recently been shortlisted for the CG Architect 3D awards 2015 in the Interactive category. if you haven’t already, then check it out…

You can view the other award nominees on the CG Architect website

Why has it been developed?

Hoare Lea as a consultancy love to inspire design conversations throughout our building services projects. We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of design and innovation.

The app was designed to inspire creative people into thinking about the artificial lighting of 3D form… It is a playful light sketcher that allows people to create simplistic lighting impressions – inspired by the chosen object.

The Light App can be downloaded to an iPad, taken anywhere, ready for use. Just like a magic sketchpad and pencil for lighting!

Be creative! We look forward to seeing the results!

Who could use it?

  • Those who are designers at heart – to ‘have a go’ at lighting up a building… it your home or someone else’s!!
  • Architects/interior designers – to start a conversation about the use of light.
  • Design students
  • Anyone interested in lighting design!

Where can I get it?

Download the iPad version from the Apple App Store