Taran3D is more than just an immersive tech business, we also invest in kickstarting careers. We are fully committed to supporting the next generation of tech talent in our industry through a range of initiatives. We have built strong relationships with partner organisations to teach, inspire and motivate young people to consider tech as a worthy career path and have established our own educational business XR Academy to provide immersive tech training for all.

Taran3D is also part of the Government-funded Kickstart Scheme and have employed four Kickstart employees in the past year alone.

The Kickstart scheme provides funding to employers to create new jobs for 16 to 24-year-olds (on Universal Credit) who are at risk of long-term unemployment. 

One of our Kickstarts is Kenan Jeremiah Wallace who joined us as a Junior 3D Animator. Currently coming to the end of his six-month contract with us, we spoke to Kenan about his time with Taran3D and asked what he has gained from his position with us.

Kenan’s Kickstart Journey

Kenan said” My role at Taran3D was my first official role in my chosen discipline as an animator. During that time I have been able to take part in the creative vision for a number of 3D design projects and commissions using a combination of skills such as; polygon modelling, UV and texturing, 3D animation, 3D technical animation/rigging and video editing. These projects cover a range of areas from augmented reality, medical visualization, 3D printing and games as well as promotional Instagram filters. All of which have required me to work collaboratively with a team of other artists, programmers, designers and project managers to fully realise the vision of our clients.  

Industry Events

“I’ve also taken part in a few events where I’ve been able to see new developments in the realm of 5G technology as well as partaking in the Birmingham Unity User Group (BUUG) events that Taran3D host. For the latter, I have listened to industry partners explain their roles and how Unity enables them to complete their projects and more recently I have given my own demonstration of my working process as an animator/rigger.

For my first industry job, I am glad that I have been able to learn so much and work alongside great people while expanding my personal network, as well as my portfolio. I’m grateful to Taran3D for making me a part of their team and involving me so heavily in their company and I believe the experience I’ve gained will be of great help wherever I go.” 

Taran Singh, Founder of Taran3D said “It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Kenan and see his skills develop over the past six months. Our Kickstart positions are a great launchpad for young people to work within the industry and gain real-life business experience, particularly working on live jobs. 

“Kenan has supported us across a range of client animation jobs that we feel have tested his skillset and his work has been great quality work that’s been well received by clients. He has also invested time in the training plan we set for him, improving his skills and knowledge throughout his time at Taran3d. 

“We feel confident that Kenan is ready to take the next step in his career and look forward to seeing where this new stage takes him. Good luck Kenan!” 

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