Join the team at Handsworth Innovation Hub to learn about the booming world of NFTs and Blockchain.

NFT (non-fungible token) is a type of cryptocurrency made up of unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. NFTs can include in-game items like avatars, digital and non-digital collectables, domain names, and even event tickets.

The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain (a form of distributed ledger) and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and traded.

Often linked to cryptocurrency, NFT and blockchain have emerged from the shadows to become a transformational technology for many businesses. With global organisations making huge investments to make operations more efficient and obtain a competitive advantage, careers in NFT are in high demand because of the potential value that they could unlock. 

NFT and blockchain development is growing exponentially and starting a career in it can lead to multiple job paths. Giving the opportunity to work on innovative projects using cutting-edge technology.

This event is perfect for anyone considering a career in tech & innovation but doesn’t know where to start. Come and meet the experts working with NFT, to gain valuable insight into how to start your career in this field today.

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