We are proud to have attended the launch of the Colorintech new programme 100 Worlds in 100 Days. This initiative invites underrepresented creators/founders, as well as anyone interested in creating their own metaverse to apply. 

The 100-Day counter kicked off on 28th March in collaboration with Meta and will close 100 days later with the most successful ideas rewarded for their work.

In 2022, Colorintech embarked on a mission to work with Meta to drive diversity, equity and inclusion in the metaverse. Through this much-needed collaboration, we had the opportunity to join the Colorintech Metaverse Creator Programme.

The Metaverse Creator Programme, supported by Meta, was created to ensure the Metaverse space is being built by diverse founders. Taran3D was one of four creators accepted onto the cohort that enjoyed training support. We also received a £15,000 grant to help execute the plans of our multi-user metaverse environment.

Bringing Community Together

This week’s event brought the Colorintech community together to celebrate the launch of the 100 days challenge. Taran gave the keynote speech, detailing Taran3D’s involvement with last year’s cohort.

Taran said “What a difference a year makes, it was awesome to speak at the launch this week. I was proud to discuss the amazing support we gained being part of last year’s Colorintech cohort. 

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to share our journey with the Metaverse Creator Programme & explain how it provided a valuable stepping stone to help us win one of our most prestigious projects to date. The project in question is a pioneering initiative with Calderdale College, funded by NCFE, where we collaborated with them to help futureproof their training approach to health & social care through immersive technologies.

“I’m so thankful to Colorintech for the opportunity they gave us in 2022 and also for the opportunities & hope they are bringing to diverse creators and founders to level the metaverse playing field!” 

To find out more about the incredible work Colorintech do and understand more about their 100 Days Challenge – click here

For full details of the ground-breaking work we are doing with Calderdale College, visit our blog. https://taran3d.com/calderdale-college/