A Constant point of development/angst for me has always been character creation since the beginning of the sarbloh warriors game concept. Getting back into it recently has been really interesting. Studying anatomy and using a more image reference based approach has led to an easier work-flow. Looked at a lot of Indian wrestlers and kabbaddi players to try and get away from the western  body-built type which is more stockier and less muscle definition.  Set about recreating the 17th century Khalsa soldier concept that I created for the original SW game. Since we are no longer restricted to old game technology I decided to bring the character into a next gen quality, which is what i always wanted it to be. This is not textured yet so is presented as a modeling concept only

3D model Sikh warrior front

Detailing a Sikh soldier is extremely hard there are a many organic elements which complicate the whole modeling process. In my opionion its quite easy to do a clean shaven action man figure with body hugging suit armour because there’s very little in terms of organic structure. This is something I have struggled with for a long time and I have always ended up not being happy with the end result. But its getting there slowly. I have added a few additional packages to my arsenal learning mudbox for detailing the cloth and then exporting displacement maps.

Underlying low-polygon structure – approx 10,000 polygons

Still not happy with it and its constantly changing but I’m happy that I’m learning  different techniques and finding better ways to do things. Here is the previous character model for comparison.

old character