Taran3D is proud to be partnering with Calderdale College in Halifax with a ground-breaking immersive tech training initiative.

Funded by NCFE Assessment Innovation Fund, this project has been created to allow students aged 16-18 to assess the use of virtual reality within social care environments, allowing them to experience a unique way of learning.

Calderdale College is one of the first to explore the use of immersive tech within the social care sector and we are currently testing this pilot project alongside the use of Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust’s simulation centre.

Taran3D’s Taran Singh said “We love being part of this pioneering approach to deliver immersive health & social care training. Partnering with the brilliant team at Calderdale College to support them future proof their training, we are confident it will bring huge benefits to their H&SC output. 

“Integrating VR into the curriculum will positively transform the student’s learning experience and allow them to create opportunities for consideration and assessment in a safe environment. The immersive training also supports cross-collaboration, development of critical thinking, the visualisation of real-life working environments and the opportunity to showcase competencies through immersive assessments. The demos have been successful so far and we’re excited to see the results as we drive this project forward to the next stage.

“At Taran3D, our ethos is to make immersive tech accessible for all and this project reflects that by levelling the playing field in terms of accessing and using immersive technology for use in the vital sector of health & social care training.”

Find out more about Health & Social Care at Calderdale College here  and read the Halifax Courier article about this groundbreaking initiative here.

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