We were approached by the team at Abingdon County Hall Museum to support their plans to bring an extinct marine reptile back to life virtually.

Over 150 million years ago Abingdon was in the middle of a shallow tropical sea, full of exotic sea creatures including huge marine reptiles such as the Ichthyosaur and our specific focus of this project, the Pliosaur.

We worked with Abingdon County Hall Museum to recreate the magnificent sea creature the Pliosaur as an immersive experience for their new Sea Dragons and Giant Monster exhibition.

Located in beautiful Oxon, the aim of Abingdon County Hall is to present the history of Abingdon and the surrounding locality in the most informative, exciting and accessible way possible.

We worked with the museum team to create an engaging immersive experience that was suitable for a public installation in the space available.

Our expert team designed a virtual viewing tank that allows visitors to watch the Pliosaur approach the glass whilst swimming around in a circle. We added people standing next to the tank to ensure the audience saw the majestic size and scale of the Pliosaur.

Enjoyed through a VR headset, this experience is available to enjoy at the museum’s Sea Dragons and Giant Monster exhibition until 25th September.


Taran Singh said “We love collaborating with heritage organisations and were excited to be approached by Abingdon County Hall Museum. The team has already embraced technology in various ways, so it was an easy transition for us to work together on this project. We really enjoyed finding out more about the history of Abingdon & bringing the magnificent Pliosaur back to life.”

We recommend everyone visits Abingdon County Hall Museum to see the Pliosaur recreated in its full glory. There’s a host of other interesting exhibits to enjoy and you can take a look at their virtual museum tour simply by visiting their website.

Abingdon County Hall Museum is located at Oxon Market Place, Abingdon, OXON. OX14 3HG.

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