Taran3D are really proud to share the alkali turban model in 3D. We have been working with @sikhmuseuminitiative and the @royalarmouriesmuseum for two years to recreate the Akali Turban in their collection.

The Akali Turban or Dastar Bunga has been in the collections since 1853.

View the 3D Model here

The Akalis “Immortal warriors” are a specific class of Sikh warrior. Renowned for their bravery and ferocity, as well as for their distinctive tall headgear and other accoutrements, the Akalis personified the Sikh ideal of military courage and heroism. Akali soldiers were renowned in the 19th century for their valour in defending the Sikh kingdoms of Punjab.

The loose piece of cloth known as the Farla was given to high ranking Akalis.

Quoit turban, dastar bungga or ‘Fortress turban’. Northern India, Punjab (probably Lahore), late 18th century – early 19th century

Origin : Lahore, Punjab, India, Asia
Location: Leeds, Oriental Gallery
Object Number:XXVIA.60

The 3d model allows visitors to see the Dastar from different angles and close up in #VR. This forms part of the Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum project which has been used by schools, and educational institutions across the world.