it's not about technology

“it’s about people”

We are a small team of passionate designers and developers specialising in interactive wizardry that can help you communicate your products or ideas in new and engaging ways

Virtual Reality

Using innovative VR headsets we can digitally transport your audience to any environment, capturing their imagination and engaging their minds.

Augmented Reality

Give us any object and our creative team will  digitally transform it into an awe-inspiring, memorable experience at the touch of a button

CGI & 3D Visualisation

Our 3D and CGI visualisations are the perfect way to digitally enhance any product and bring your project to life.

XR Academy

We live and breathe immersive tech at Taran3D, providing cutting edge digital solutions through a range of consultancy & training initiatives. 

Our Services

Our expert range of services focus on bringing projects to life, creating superb end results that look great and work brilliantly!


3D & CGI Visualisation

Whether showcasing products or bringing environments to life, our 3D and CGI visualisations are the perfect way to digitally enhance any project. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows us to bring your project to life in the palm of your customers hands on any mobile device or website.

Virtual Reality

Our VR experiences will capture your audience’s imagination, allowing them to virtually step into your project as an immersive experience.

Web3D Applications

We create stunning 3D content and AR experiences that work seamlessly on your website. 

Social Media Filters

Social media filters are one of the most effective and efficient ways to generate hype through mass-shareability.

3D CAD Conversion

Regardless of what format your content is in we can convert and optimise for mobile and immersive technology devices.

Meet our team

Our innovative team bring a wealth of skills to each project. We collaborate with clients, going above & beyond to create immersive experiences that explore your project and engage your audience.

Taran Singh
Jo Townsend
Marketing Consultant
Dr Harjit Roberts
Project Coordinator
Marcus Macreadie
3D CAD Specialist
Thiago Nogueira
Immersive Developer
Simrat Kaur
Business Administrator
Daniel Hogan
Unity Developer
Anna Nierobisz
Immersive Trainer